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Part Number


12070701 M/T breather baffle 1.9" center to center
12070702 M/T breather baffle 1.68" center to center
12070703 M/T breather baffle 1.9" center to center (narrow)
12070704 M/T breather baffle 1.68" center to center (round)
13070401* Push in (chrome), 1"
13070501* Twist in (chrome)
13070801 Filler cap (chrome)
01170201 Valve cover gasket-cork, SBC
01170202 Valve cover gasket-cork, BBC
01270201 Valve cover gasket-cork, SBF
GROMMETS   (for 1.22" cast aluminum valve cover hole (exc. 12370301, 16470301, 17470302)
12270301 PCV grommet- twist in .75" ID (Ford style)
13270301 PCV grommet- .75" OD (Early Ford style)
14070301 Breather grommet/plug- 1.00" ID
14070302 PCV grommet- .75" ID
14070303 Breather grommet- 1" ID (baffled)
16470301 Grommet, Olds, "D" shape, 45 degree, .670" ID
17470302 Grommet, Olds, "D" shape, flat, 1" ID
18370301 Grommet, PCV, Mopar, 1-1/2" OD, 1" ID

18370302 Grommet, Plug, Mopar, 1-1/2" OD
SPACERS   provide additional clearance for modified valvetrain. All spacers are special order- please contact us for availability
13170801 Spacer, valve cover, sbc 1.150"
13170802 Spacer, valve cover, bbc, 1.150"
13270801 Spacer, valve cover, sbf 1.200"
13270802 Spacer, valve cover, 351c/m, 400m
14170901 Adapter, center bolt sbc to (non-staggered) cover .650" thick (special order)
01044001 2 watt bulb and socket assy- fits 5/8" hole
02084201 Temp sender- for Sun 1002, 1003, CP7956 (not blueline)
02084301 O/P sender- for Sun 1005, CP7957
02074101 Oil pressure tubing kit, plastic, 6', w/ fittings

02074501 Oil pressure "T" adapter kit